Frequently Asked Questions

How does Allocation Booking System works?

basedVC's Allocation Booking System levels the playing field across all supported blockchains, offering a fair and gas-efficient investment process.

Adapting to Different Blockchains

Regardless of the blockchain you choose, our system ensures equity in transaction speeds and costs. Learn more about our supported networks and how we save you gas here: Multichain.

How it works?

  1. Invest: Click Invest and our system checks for available allocation.

  2. Booking: If there is an available allocation, the booking will succeed.

  3. Hash Creation: A 15-minute valid hash is generated for your booking.

  4. Transaction Confirmation: Send the transaction and get at least one confirmation within 15 minutes.

  5. Allocation Assignment: Successful confirmation secures your allocation, visible in your Vault tab.

⚠️ WARNING: Ensure a booking is made before sending a transaction. Transactions without booking will not be accounted for.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: If you've secured a booking and are within the 15-minute countdown, you retain the flexibility to switch between the blockchains for transferring funds. Additionally, you can close the booking window to change the currency. As long as your booking hasn't expired, you can revisit the invest button and complete the transaction under the same booking. Issues?

  • Allocation not visible? Wait up to 15 minutes for transaction confirmation or contact us for assistance.

  • Transaction confirmed after hash expiry? Reach out to our team for a resolution.

  • Refreshed your page during booking? Simply click Invest again to restore the previous booking.

  • Ensure you have your cookies enabled to properly store the booking hash.

I’ve sold my Partner NFT, does this mean I’ve lost my investments?

Holding a Partner NFT acts as the access key to new investment opportunities with basedVC. Once an investment has been made, it stays with you regardless of whether or not you continue to hold on to your Partner NFT. Since our Investment platform has gated access, you will need to reach out to one of our team members to gain temporary access in order to claim your profits when the time comes, or alternatively you can always borrow a Partner NFT from a friend!

I moved my Partner NFT to another wallet, what happens to my allocations?

You can transfer your allocations to any other wallet for a fee of $50. However, to claim future profits from that wallet you will need to be holding citizen NFT in order to access the basedVC portal and access the claim page.

How are my investments stored?

Your investments on basedVC are securely linked to your wallet, not your Partner NFT. This ensures your investments remain yours, even if you sell your Partner NFT. Investments are stored on the blockchain, offering security beyond traditional finance systems. Our infrastructure is robust, ensuring the safety of your investments.

How does the booking system work for investments on the basedVC platform?

We now offer an allocation reservation system with our new and improved system. This means that you can now "pledge" to invest in an investment that is live on our website and have your allocation reserved for 15 minutes. For high-in-demand investments, this means you won't be exposed to gas wars. You'll also have ample time to move funds around and prepare to invest without worrying that the investment will sell out before you're ready. After 15 minutes, the reserved allocation is opened back up to all other investors, and you will have to re-book your allocation.

I'm holding multiple Partner NFTs, does this mean I can invest more than the usual?

Yes! Typically our investment pools are open on an FCFS basis with pre-determined minimum & maximum contributions. Investors are free to stack their Partner NFTs to further increase their maximum contributions, more information can be found here: How To Join.

Do I need to be in Partner NFTs to be able to invest?

Yes, you must hold a Partner NFT to have full access to the discord and be eligible to participate in investment opportunities through basedVC.

What is the minimum amount I can invest?

The minimum investment size is $500 and contributions must be made in multiples of $500

I'm not sure what my maximum allocation is, how can I calculate this?

Your maximum allocation is dependent your Partner NFT

What is the FOMO bar?

The FOMO bar tracks how much of the available allocation has been claimed. You can also conveniently monitor how much of the allocation has been reserved through GA upgrades and gauge any pending transactions through the color-coded sections of the FOMO bar!

When do I receive my tokens?

You will receive tokens as they vest.

What if I need liquidity on my investments before my tokens vest?

If you want to sell your allocation, you can do so at any time after the investment rounds are closed using the OTC platform- OTC Sales

I have a pending/stuck transaction for over an hour and I have tried to speed it up and cancel it. How can I get it to clear?

Please read this guide on how to fix stuck/pending transactions.

How do I clear my browser cache?

Chrome users please read this guide on how to clear you browser cache.

I want to increase the allocation reserved with my Guaranteed Allocation, in what order should I apply my upgrades?

An increased allocation "IA" should be used BEFORE applying your guaranteed allocation "GA" upgrade. First apply "IA" Second apply "GA"

How does wallet delegation work?

  • Every time a user logs in, the user has to use a wallet that either holds a Partner NFT or has been delegated access from the wallet that holds the NFT

  • Every time the user logs in with a different delegated wallet, the previous delegated wallet will become inactive in our system, and the new delegated wallet is added as active under same User ID as the cold wallet and the previous delegated wallet

  • Users can't add and remove their wallets manually [system adds another wallet only if delegated access is being used]

  • Effectively, every user can have two wallets linked to their account

  • Accounts are shared across different tenants which means that if you linked wallet B in CitCap and then logging in with same wallet in basedVC, the wallet will be linked to the same User ID

  • Users have to delegate through the NFT Contract. Delegating a wallet or specific NFT won't work

  • Remove wallet functionality stays the same. The only wallet that can be removed from an account is a delegated wallet. The Primary wallet cannot be removed from the account.

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