💹The Investment Process

This section will provide an overview of the investment process at basedVC.

Our typical investment process is as follows:

  1. basedVC will identify projects that we feel are strong investments and we will negotiate with projects to acquire allocations for the basedVC platform.

  2. The opportunity will be presented to basedVC partner communities and announced via the basedVC announcement channel in each of our partner community discords.

  3. basedVC investors will be able to review the investment details as well as the detailed investment report so that they can conduct their own due diligence and research the investment opportunity.

  4. The dates for the investment start and end will be announced on discord.

Most investments will have three distinct participation phases.

The investment phases are as follows:

1. Pre-Investment Guaranteed Allocations (Round 1 Pre-Investment Open)

During the Pending phase, members can purchase a Guaranteed Allocation(GA) or Increased Allocation (IA). GA's/IA's can be applied to the investment opportunity during the Pending Guaranteed Allocation phase. They will allow you to invest for up to 24 hours after the First-Come-First Serve (Capped) Round starts (Round 1). Guaranteed Allocations will cost 200 $USD, Increased Allocations will cost $100, and will be purchasable before the Round 1 start time (at basedVC discretion), and if applied to the investment they allow you to invest for 24 hours after the start of Round 1. If a Guaranteed Allocation is not used during the applicable 24-hour window, it is burned and is not refundable.

Each wallet is permitted to use only one Guaranteed Allocation upgrade for each investment. These Guaranteed Allocations offer a maximum guarantee for investments up to $5,000 or capped at your personal max allocation if less than $5,000.

Increased Allocations will increase a member's allocation by $2000 and can only be used once per raise.

Make sure to apply your IA before your GA.

2. First-Come-First Serve Based on Allocations (Round 2)

Round 2 is where members can invest on a first-come-first-serve basis and each member's investment contribution limit is capped by their investment allocation. As well as any Guaranteed Allocations that were applied in the prior round.

3. Unlimited First-Come-First Serve (Round 3)

Upon the expiration of Round 2, the Unlimited First-Come-First Serve Round starts where all members are allowed to invest an unlimited amount until the total allocation is filled or until 24 hours expires.

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