🔑How To Join

To participate in basedVC investments, you must hold a NFT from one of our partnered communities or be part of an affiliated community.

Steps to join:

  1. Visit our site at https://basedvc.fund and click the "Invest" button.

  2. Choose either the basedVC Whale or Partners option Whale passes are reserved for members who qualify for VIP access and perks within our ecosystem. Please contact our team to determine if you qualify. The partner community option is for partner communities and access is provided by holding a partner NFT in your wallet or having a wallet from a partner community.

  1. After connecting you will be taken to a landing page (below) This is your dashboard where you can access various parts of our platform using the left column. As well by default, when you sign-in you are viewing the vault which provides a summary of all your investments and their respective TGE event and claiming information (if available). By clicking on an individual investment in the vault, you will be directed to a sub-page to claim tokens as they are available (this functionality will become available after TGE has occurred and tokens are claimable).

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