⚙️Managing Your Investments

When you sign in to the basedVC Platform, you will arrive at the "Vault". This is where you can view all of your investments as well as their upcoming vesting schedules as well as claim any proceeds from the sale of equity or tokens. The basedVC platform will distribute your pro-rata token allocation as they vest. You will then be able to claim your tokens from the vault.

basedVC takes 5% of vested tokens as a fee.

The claiming process is simple. In the dashboard, you will see a "Claim" available for the respective project. Claiming your tokens will be via the blockchain that they launched on. Once a claim is available there will be an announcement in the basedVC discord "announcements" channel.

Engagement and Awareness Post-Investment

While this stage predominantly concerns anticipation and growth, it doesn't imply disconnection. On the contrary, staying informed and engaged is crucial.

  1. Participate in Community Discussions: Our community is dynamic, with a wealth of knowledge to share. We encourage you to engage in conversations, exchange perspectives, or simply connect with other investors in the Discord channel.

  2. Stay Updated on Projects: Being up-to-date with project developments is key. Our Discord server is a central hub for all the latest news, ensuring you're always in the know.

  3. Embrace Portfolio Diversification: Diversifying your investment portfolio is a wise strategy. It not only mitigates risks but also opens up a range of opportunities across various sectors. basedVC offers diverse investment options, allowing you to tailor a portfolio that reflects your interests and goals. The essence of a successful investment journey lies in embracing variety, and maximizing your prospects in the process.

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