🚀How To Invest

This section will provide a step-by-step guide to investing using the basedVC Platform (https://basedvc.fund).

Step 1: Click the "Invest" button to proceed.

Step 2: You will be prompted to connect as a basedVC whale or a basedVC partners community.

Step 3: Sign in with your web3 wallet where you are holding your partner community NFT (be sure to be on either ETH, MATIC or the BNB chain) .

Step 4: Upon Sign-In, you will be taken to a landing page that contains your current investments (the "Vault") as well as a sidebar with the "Opportunities" tab. Please click this tab to access the latest investment opportunities.

Step 5: After clicking "Opportunities" you will be taken to a dashboard with the current and past investment opportunities. Click on a "pending" or "active investment". To go to the "pending" or "active investments" investing dashboard.

Step 6: Upon arriving inside the "pending" or "active investment" dashboard, you will presented with a screen that shows the phase in which the investment is. If the investment isn't open yet, you will see a countdown timer until the investment opens(top right). You may apply any Guaranteed Allocation and Increased Allocation NFTs at this point by clicking on the yellow diamond (as shown in the image below).

Using a Guaranteed Allocation will give you up to 24 hours once the investment opens to invest up a max of $5,000 or equivalent to your maximum allocation if <$5,000. The max allocation size you can purchase up to will be displayed on the dashboard, above the text box "Investment Size". If you are applying an Increased Allocation make sure to apply BEFORE using the Guaranteed Allocation. Using an Increased Allocation and Guaranteed Allocation will increase your max allocation to $7,000 for the Capped FCFS round.

If you applied a Guaranteed Allocation upgrade for an investment and fail to invest during the 24hr window, your purchased Guaranteed Allocation will be burned and is not refundable.

If the investment is open, you will be able to contribute investments in a minimum value of $500 USD and $50 increments. You can invest using USDC or USDT on the following networks ETH/MATIC/BNB. The first investment round is known as our " Capped First-Come-First-Serve Round". This round lasts for 24 hours. You will only be able to invest as much as your "max allocation" in this round. If you used a Guaranteed Allocation and/or an Increased Allocation your max investment will be $5,000 or $7,000. After 24 hours, if the Capped FCFS investment round has not been filled, you will be able to contribute an unlimited amount until the entire allocation is filled. This is known as the "Unlimited First-Come-First-Serve".

Step 7: Once the Capped First-Come-First-Serve Round (FCFS) investment starts, you may invest on an FCFS basis up to the limit of your partner community's NFT allocation. The Investment page will display as follows:

Step 7: To invest, toggle the USDC/USDT bar, depending on which stablecoin you have in your wallet, and enter into the box the amount you would like to invest. Note that it is a $500 minimum investment.

Step 8: After entering your desired contribution amount, click on the "INVEST" button

Step 9: Assuming there was sufficient allocation in the queue for your proposed investment to be reserved, you will receive the following pop-up. This is a 15-minute reservation that allows you to invest without a gas war as it is simply based on who clicked the button first. You will have the opportunity to add additional funds if your wallet does not have sufficient funds. Once you are ready, simply click "Transfer Funds" and confirm the transaction in your web3 wallet when it pops up.

You are free to switch networks through MetaMask and transfer funds on either the ETH, MATIC or BNB chains

Step 10: Once you have approved the MetaMask transaction, the pop-up box will move to display "PROCESSING" while your transaction is confirmed on the blockchain.

Step 11: After your transaction is successfully confirmed , you will receive the following pop-up confirming your investment. You can now click on "CHECK VAULT" to see your Investment within your vault.

That's it! Congratulations, you should now see details of your Investment inside the Vault.

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