💻Using Upgrades

Upon arriving inside the dashboard, you will presented with a screen that shows the phase in which the investment is. If the investment isn't open yet, you will see a countdown timer until the investment opens. You may apply any Upgrade NFTs at this point by clicking on the yellow diamond (as shown in the image below). Using an Increased Allocation will increase your max allocation by $2,000. Using a Guaranteed Allocation will give you 24 hours once the investment opens to invest up to your maximum allocation. The allocation size you have the option of purchasing up to will be displayed on the dashboard.

You MUST apply an IA before applying a GA to get the $2,000 increase in allocation. Applying a GA before an IA will lock in your allocation at a max of $5,000 instead of $7,000.

If you applied a Guaranteed Allocation upgrade for an investment and fail to invest during the 24-hour window, your used Guaranteed Allocation will be burned and is not refundable.

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