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This page covers basedVC's current partner portfolio as well as summaries and links for all to check them out

Website | Twitter | Discord | Genesis Kongz | CyberKongz (babies) | CyberKongz Genkai

CyberKongz was founded by the artist Myoo in March 2021 and started as a unique and randomly generated collection of 1000, 34x34 pixelated NFT gorillas now known as the Genesis Collection. CyberKongz was the first to introduce and popularize several innovative NFT mechanics, such as unique tokenomics for their utility token $BANANA, which led to breeding and Babies. The VX collection, 3D avatars designed for the metaverse and gaming, are the most interoperable avatars of any Web3 project.

Supported by a passionate core community at its backbone, CyberKongz continues to push the boundaries in NFTs. The ecosystem, which now includes Play & Kollect, is one of the most expansive ecosystems in Web3. CyberKongz is focused on utility, innovation, and interoperability, while also expanding its IP into traditional Web2.

CyberKongz is notoriously known as one of the OG NFT communities in the space, one of a handful of communities boasting immense success through their NFT mints, 8 figure trading volumes, and top-tier partnerships with the likes of The Sandbox as well as Chainlink.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Genesis Ethlizards | Venture Ethlizards

Ethlizards brings together an exceptional mix of avid gamers, visionary builders, and savvy investors, establishing itself as a highly esteemed partner in the GameFi ecosystem. Their unique position spans various verticals, encompassing Web3 game studios, infrastructure partners, venture capitalists, and gaming organizations. Ethlizards seamlessly blends the best aspects of VCs and Web3 gaming guilds/DAOs.

Ethlizards transcends typical web3 limitations, fostering a community that features successful investors, project founders, and a multitude of individuals actively committed to creating and contributing value.

Ethlizard's distinguished partners and advisors, including founders of major Web3 projects, remain actively involved at all protocol levels. At Ethlizards, the team firmly believe that an excessive focus on value extraction in the Web3 sphere is counterproductive. Through their early-stage GameFi portfolio activities, they ensure the long-term success of the DAO, while their short-term strategies prioritize gamification, product development, and extensive partnership growth. This holistic approach positions Ethlizards to thrive amidst the industry's rapid expansion in the coming years.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Genesis Collection | Gen2 Collection | Gen2 Fusion

Project Godjira (PG) is an NFT project that was founded in October 2021. Since its inception, PG has established itself as a formidable player in the dynamic and rapidly evolving Web3 ecosystem. The project has successfully launched four NFT collections, each of which has gained considerable traction and generated a trading volume exceeding 10,000 ETH. Despite the volatile and unpredictable nature of the crypto market, PG has managed to maintain its value and provide significant returns to its investors. In fact, the project has proven to be a reliable and consistent performer in the face of numerous challenges and external factors. The team behind PG is committed to continuing its growth and expansion, with plans to launch new and innovative collections in the near future. As the Web3 space continues to evolve, PG is poised to remain a dominant and influential presence, offering unparalleled value and opportunities to its community of holders and enthusiasts.

Website | Twitter | Discord | NFT Collection

Nexus is a platform for web3 gamers, creators, and investors and aims to revolutionize the Web3 gaming and NFT industry as the ultimate all-in-one Gaming dApp. Unleash Nexus: Xbox Live meets Web3. The all-in-one platform that combines analytics, portfolio tracking, and gaming excellence. Nexus takes pride in a platform that acts as the epicenter of crypto gaming, and they are committed to providing a comprehensive and immersive experience to all users through a collection of tools designed to give you a cutting-edge advantage, from complete project research to early access opportunities.

Nexus streamlines the interaction of investors and gamers with the rapidly growing Web3 Gaming and NFT market. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the platform offers a suite of functionalities that cover various needs of investors and gamers, from market data analytics and gaming portfolios to comprehensive tutorials and informational videos. Their platform offers not just an array of services, but an entirely immersive, all-in-one gaming experience designed to serve a broad audience, from novices to experienced investors, from passionate gamers to content creators, and everyone in between.

Twitter | Discord | Dark Echelon NFT Collection

Dark Echelon is an exclusive collective that focuses on investing and innovation in Web3. With about 250 members, they are a trusted hub for elite Web3 individuals and have been operating for almost two years.

Since their establishment in October 2019, they have accomplished several outstanding achievements in a short amount of time, including being one of the first exclusive groups to adopt the traditional whitelist collaboration method that is now used by almost all exclusive groups.

Their achievements also include:

  • Being one of the first web3 exclusive groups to partner with a web3 SAAS company to offer members free access to high-level software products.

  • Generating net profits of over USD 20 million for members (only 520 token supply).

  • Being one of the only NFT projects to ever achieve a 100x ROI from all-time lows, without any VC or external funding, completely organically.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Dark Labs Membership NFT Collection

Dark Labs is an exclusive organization that comprises some of the most highly skilled individuals from both the internet and real life. They focus on high-tier networking, IRL masterminds, and member concierge services. Every member of Dark Labs has been carefully selected through an application, video interview, or questioning process. The entire member list is publicly available, enabling you to see who is inside from the outset.

Their goal is to bring together the best individuals from all sectors of the world into one exclusive organization, empowering them with knowledge, freedom, and an unparalleled network. They aim to help business owners, veteran builders, and entrepreneurs scale their access and network on a global level. The founder, Ameer Hussain (doxed), leads the charge. Ameer is a veteran in the exclusive group niche, having formerly worked at two different tech companies with yearly figures ranging from eight to nine figures. Ameer now owns three web3-based companies: Dark Echelon, OPN, and Dark Labs.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Venture Capital X Collection | Gen2 Collection

Venture Capital X is a platform that presents a unique opportunity for investors to get in on the ground floor of highly sought-after crypto and startups. These investment opportunities are offered 6-12 months ahead of public offerings, which gives investors a head start to succeed. In addition to providing investment opportunities, VCX also offers investor relations services to exciting, young public companies. This service offers these companies the chance to showcase their growth stories to the VCX community, which can lead to increased exposure and interest from potential investors.

One of the biggest advantages of investing with VCX is their team of highly regarded industry-leading experts. These experts have extensive experience in venture capital and private equity, which is combined with Web3 specialists. This creates a unique environment that works to your highest advantage. The team at VCX is dedicated to providing investors with the resources and support they need to make informed investment decisions. They offer a variety of tools and resources, including market research, investment analysis, and ongoing support throughout the investment process.

Investing with VCX is not only an opportunity to potentially earn a significant return on investment, but it is also an opportunity to be a part of a community of like-minded investors who are passionate about supporting innovative companies.

Website | Twitter | Discord | SteadyStack Titans | SteadyStack Legends

Steady Stack lies at the nexus of tech innovation and contemporary lifestyle branding as the gold standard for the Web3 universe. SteadyStack isn't just another brand; it's a distinguished collective, a symphony of seasoned investors and visionary entrepreneurs committed to reshaping the business landscape. Their track record is an eloquent testament: they don't merely nurture ideas, they craft them into market-leading enterprises. With a mix of dedicated mentorship, deep-rooted operational prowess, and a reservoir of resources, SteadyStack stands as the guiding star for emerging founders. It's a space where raw, ambitious concepts are transformed, through collaboration and guidance, into revolutionary products and services. When you align with SteadyStack, you're not just stepping into the world of startups, but pioneering the future of innovative entrepreneurship.

Membership gives access to a global network composed of the best entrepreneurs, business & project builders, traders, investors, and VCs around, dedicated to creating success together inside the world's premier wealth and growth-driven mastermind & membership ecosystem, emitting good vibes at all times.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Kartel Collection | Zaibatsu Collection | The 33

Vybz Gr is a Web3 Community Hub, appreciating all the greatness Web3 can bring. The majority of their community works in Web3.... so imagine a Home away from Retail. That's what they are. With that said there are 5 Code of Ethics within Vybz...Honor, Respect, Loyalty, Trust, and Friendship. All members are hand-picked through relationships that have been built. Vybz has 4 Separate elements to their Business that have allowed them to remain in the space coming up to 2 years. To sum it up, Vybz is a Web3 Native Community Hub built on the concept of trust/honor/respect with a no-bullshit approach.

Website | Twitter | Discord | B3L B3asts NFT Collection

Bridge 3 Labs is an exclusive community of successful founders and investors dedicated to building the future of web3 tech companies. They are committed to working closely with creative entrepreneurs to transform their raw concepts into viable products or services. This is done through a rigorous process of collaboration, mentorship, and operational expertise.

The B3L community is made up of seasoned investors with a proven track record of success in building companies from the ground up. They are experienced builders who have a deep understanding of what it takes to turn an idea into a successful company. They provide new founders with the necessary resources, including access to funding, networks, and guidance, to help them navigate the challenges of the startup world.

B3L's approach is unique in that it emphasizes a long-term approach to building successful companies. They believe that the key to building a sustainable business is to focus on developing a strong foundation that can endure the inevitable ups and downs of the startup journey. This includes developing a strong team culture, building a deep understanding of the market, and creating a product or service that truly meets the needs of customers.

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