Access is everything when it comes to investing. Wealthy family offices and VC funds have historically made incredible returns by investing early in token rounds at significant discount, then selling these tokens to retail investors when the token lists on an exchange. We are leveling the playing field and allowing communities to invest early alongside titan funds such as a16z, Animoca, Coinbase Ventures and many others.

We are a limited partner of Sublime Ventures (a web3 VC fund) thus we are a licensed and regulated investment vehicle. Our strategy is simple: follow the smart money and invest on the same terms as they do. By leveraging the power of leading metaverse communities, as well as our heavy experience in the sector, we provide a combination of strategic capital as well as strategic value in the form of advisory / consultancy services to web3 projects, giving us access to deal flow otherwise reserved for the top tier VC funds.

We are pleased to have you and your community join us in our mission to decentralize VC investments.

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